Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don’t live in the area; is that a problem? Open/sluit indicator

The Princess Máxima Center is located in the Uithof/Utrecht Science Park in Utrecht. We are easily accessible by public transport and by car. Of course, we offer a good travel allowance. We do have quite a few colleagues who commute into work every day, for example from Rotterdam and Eindhoven, and they are happy to do that.

2. I have no pediatric certification, can I work with you? Open/sluit indicator

Sure! If you, as a nurse, have the right attitude and motivation, then we offer you the opportunity to gain your pediatric nursing certification. After that, you can still go on to become a pediatric oncology nurse. Plenty of opportunities!

3. I have no experience in pediatric oncology; is that a big problem? Open/sluit indicator

That’s not a problem. For healthcare professionals, we provide customization and training and you can gain that experience with us and/or in a center that is part of the shared care network of the Princess Máxima Center. The shared care network consists of several hospitals in the Netherlands that are involved in the treatment of children with cancer.

4. When, as a nurse, can I start with the training? Open/sluit indicator

For the pediatric certification you can start in April and October. The training in pediatric oncology starts in October. Depending on when you start with us, we can fine-tune a customized program with you.

5. Do I have to pay for the training myself? Open/sluit indicator

The Princess Máxima Center is happy to invest in its employees. So we will reimburse the training fee(s) for nurses; of course, we would like you to stay and work for us after the training course. We will agree a repayment scheme should you nonetheless choose a career elsewhere.

6. The Princess Máxima Center doesn’t open until the Spring of 2018; when can I start with you? Open/sluit indicator

Now already! We already provide plenty of care to children with cancer in our own departments in the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital. Because we are already growing as an organization now, we already need more colleagues.

7. Are there opportunities for progression? Open/sluit indicator

In the Princess Máxima Center we offer plenty of opportunities! In healthcare, for example, there are job roles such as pediatric oncology nurse, research nurse, specialist nurse, senior nurse with a focus area and job roles as a team leader. What’s more, we have many projects and domains where, besides direct patient care, you can apply your knowledge and skills. We do this in a multidisciplinary way and also involve our Children’s Advisory Council in many issues.

8. How can I get a good idea of the work at the Princess Máxima Center? Open/sluit indicator

We’ll be pleased to tell you all about it. And if you are a nurse, you can always shadow us for a day!