Application process

Our application process is automated using Applicant Self Service. This saves us a lot of work and time. So we can get round to sending you a response to your application sooner. To be sure, that’s not the only advantage you gain through Applicant Self Service. You can also find all the information and communication concerning your application in your own application portal. That is nice and clear and you always know where you stand!

How does it work?

Step 1: Click on the apply button alongside the vacancy

Step 2: Fill in all your details and add your résumé and Personal Statement as attachments

Step 3: Click generate and your application is sent

Your application has been received

When your application has been generated, you get an email containing access to our job application portal on this website. Here you will find all the information about your application and the next steps that have been established (we need more info from you, or we invite you for an interview etc.).

Every time there is a message from us to you, you will receive an email from us with a link to the message in question.

Have you applied before?

If you want to make a second application or have applied to Princess Máxima Center in the past, you need to first log in to the application portal with your username (email address) and password. Your personal details are then automatically filled in on the application form.