Internship ‘Effective interventions to stimulate data use in healthcare’

The Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology is a new nationwide research hospital concentrating healthcare, research and education with regard to cancer in children and is located at the Utrecht Science Park de Uithof. The institute has the ambition to give the best treatment to children with cancer with the highest cure rate and the least side effects of (often complex) anti-cancer treatment. The center brings together the best possible care and scientific research, creating a unique comprehensive childhood cancer center in Europe.

The Princess Máxima Centre for paediatric oncology wants and needs to be a pioneer in the field of Information, Data and Technology (IDT). The specialists of this department have an important role both in the introduction of new possibilities and by paying specific attention to their embedding and use in practice. Like the entire organization, the IDT department has a high ambition, especially in the field of data, medical and ICT technology. And thus makes an important contribution to the care, research and development of their field.

By organizing the IDT department in an innovative way -biomedical technology, data and ICT are managed and developed within one department- the Máxima really knows how to distinguish itself. Not only does the use of, for example, data from medical systems receive much more attention. The addition of a dedicated data intelligence and data science team and the use of clinical informatics experts also make the department even more powerful in its role as a digital facilitator. These are not hypotheticals, “we’re really on it,” says Michiel Kooper – Director of Information, Data & Technology.
No day at the IDT department within the Máxima is the same. The work demands inventiveness and creativity every day in finding the right solution to an issue. On the one hand because not everything has yet crystallized, and on the other because groundbreaking work demands it. In addition, the complexity of the issues is by definition high and challenging.
As a young and relatively small organization, we have opted for a flexible and hybrid arrangement of the work(s). We believe in career paths that match everyone’s life stage, ambition and qualities. In addition, there is plenty of room for specialization, and we give our employees the opportunity to deepen and broaden their professional knowledge. We follow the line of close cooperation without throwing autonomy overboard.
Started as a start-up, the department is now in a phase of professionalization and specialization. All with the clear ambition to be at the forefront of information, data and technology and to create an environment in which employees can get the very best out of themselves.

In 2021 we (re)started a programme on data provisioning for care in the Prinses Maxima Centrum. The idea is to select and structure a predefined set of data to certain (international) standards (to guarantee a certain quality of data), and make the data available in a usable manner through a data platform and/or data scientists for our health professionals. The programme includes a change component, wherein we introduce interventions to improve the adoption and use of care data. The programme will run for at least another 18 months.
Although the programme includes a ‘change’ component, there is not much evidence on what interventions have the desired effect, since the topic and approach of data provisioning is relatively new in healthcare. We are looking for 1 or more students who will do research on the options for interventions and on the effect measures of the intervention. the research will include a literature search. Together with the student(s) we will breakdown the approach in an acceptable and valuable project for the student.
Our goal is to get a better understanding of the change and behavioral components that play a role in the use of data by healthcare professionals. The results will be used in new projects and possibly be shared with other healthcare institutions as well.
the research methodology has not been defined (yet), but will be defined together with student. We prefer a scientifically solid approach to our question. In the ideal situation we are supported by 3-4 students who will all successively work on a part of the total study, assuming that a student will fulfil an fulltime internship of 6 months.
The start date will be determined with the student

Internship activities
Literature search
Development of measurement method

Personal Profile
You are a Masters student of behavioral sciences or psychology (social, health, or organizational)
You have experience in literature search
You are independent, pro-active and flexible
You are service minded, proactive and you work accurately
You are organized and can easily handle change
You can work well in a multidisciplinary team as well as individually

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